Sharpening your marketing knife with Jason Strongerhead at Kaplan

Thank you Kaplan for offering me a chance to share my 2 cents on how marketing works with the Murdoch University bridging class batch FT MUR BCOM BRG-26 MP (G) over two weekends in April.

In this class, I chance upon several keen and serious learners, and a few bright and promising leaders of tomorrow including a Mount Everest conqueror and an F&B entrepreneur who possesses great pioneering spirit. This reinforce my beliefs that there is no lack of talented people from private institutions.

In just two weekends, these students were tasked to understand the process of marketing plan creation – from market research to marketing strategy to marketing mix development. To be fair, with zero marketing background, within the evil of time, these students had produced a decent job in analysing the marketing strategy of several brands of products.

Most of them are able to appreciate the power of “less is more” in marketing. With limited resources, and since not everyone is going to buy your product, it makes more sense to focus your resources only on those whom you think have a higher chance of buying your product. I am glad many students leaving the class with a good understanding behind the STP concept (Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning for differentiation) to develop a strong market proposition.

This goes to show that anyone, with a positive learning attitude, even if you specialises in HR, or Finance, or Journalism, you too can learn the ropes marketing if you wanted to. This class of students are living examples to proof this point.

To the bridging class of 26 intake, may you keep you with the learning spirit and best of luck to your exam.

Alina Ong
Eileen Chua
Dawn Tan
Debra Lim
Goh Irene
charis goh
Md Hilwan
Pamella Koh
lee ying hui
sheila ong
lynette Tan
Malvin Chiam
she jianming
chaw jie long
Nicholas Tan
Danial Bin Effende

Cheers and may your learning mind paths for your winning ways.

Jason Strongerhead
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