Something to remember about Steve Jobs

It is one of our greatest lost living in a world without Steve Jobs.

I do not know him on a personal level, but he has inspired me in several ways. And his brainchild (Apple) and his legacy have been widely used as one of my case examples in schools and at work for its creative brilliance and marketing excellence.

If you had put yourself in Steve’s shoes back in his younger days, especially when he met his worst year in 1994 (being kicked out of your own company; making $1m of losses every month for one of your companies; losing a quarter of billion dollar in one year), most of us would have thrown in the towels. But he preserved and stayed on. And earmarked the greatest turn-around of mankind turning Toy Story from zero to billions, transforming Pixel from a reject to more billions, and revitalizing Apple from negative billion to one of world ‘s most valuable company at $337bn.  

If not for his tenacity and perseverance, we would have enjoyed the i-revolution.

He got me to realize one of your most valuable assets is your Belief. His philosophy has in some ways landed my nickname as Strongerhead, to remind myself to follow my beliefs, and not be trapped in other people’s thinking.

Big Thanks to Steve Jobs. May you R.I.P.

Your legacy shall echoes in eternity.