Stop working for others!!!

Stop working for others!!!

Immediately when people hear this statement, some might say, “who is going to pay the bills?”, “eat grass, drink water every day is it?”

Of coz, we need money. But we should start making money instead of earning wages/salary. On my previous blog, I wrote mind your own biz starts with your psychological state of mind. For instance, u could treat yr work as a form of biz. U perform a service for the company, and they pay u. Instead of u slog and work like slave for them, and they pay u for doing that. What’s the diff, some might ask.

Here’s the key different: The company that hires u need u as much as u need them instead of u being held ransom by your employer becoz they think they r doing u a flavor by giving u a job.

When you work with that mindset, you believe you get rewarded base on how much value you can add for your employer. The more value you add, the more rewards / reimbursements you will receive. But when you behave like you are indebted to your employer for giving you a job, your employer will not be motivated to reward you accordingly.

When you treat your work like your biz, you start to think like a businessman. Not think like a worker. Worker WORKS. And you don’t wanna work work and work your live away.

As you think like a businessman, you work harder, smarter to arrive at win-win for your customer, who happens to be your employer in this case. When your customers are happy, they keep coming back for more, providing you with revenue.

You will not be affected by backstabbing, gossip, internal politics. You are here for business, not to stir shit. Which such mindset, sets u apart between winners and losers. With a winning mindset, you tend to do better than the rest.

More importantly, when you have this mindset, you will not restrict yourself to only one customer. Being too dependent on only ONE customer, you put your business at GREAT RISK. This is where you will have to find more customers. This is where u develop multiple streams of income. Which means, when one income is DOWN, you are not affected as you are still being supported by other streams of income.

Once you have your multiple streams of income, it is time for you to perform like CRM program. Segment your customers, ditch those that consume most of your time, and energy, which took away the ‘fun’ from your life. And retain those customers where you enjoy having.