website revamp

Today has been a fruitful day for me. I had met up with my partner to discuss how are we going to revamp this website, making it more interactive, and user friendly. And hopefully, it will serve my readers better.

The look and feel generally stays, but several billbaords be removed. You guys will have to register to post a comments, and future students will have to register and login before download class materials. My apologies for the hassel. But it’s done to serve you all better 🙂 According to my partner lah 🙂 haha. So i trust him. As i have always trusted everyone else too. Oh, and i will be updating this site more regularly. And of coz, the library section, i will post all the books that i have read before and share with you guys where u can buy it from. I might try to write some e-books for your down-load / purchase at a very small fee (if i have the time). Still thinking what to write. Maybe you can share with me your comments what is it that you guys wish to find out more. I was thinking at the top of my head, something along the line of :

1) How to get into advertising / marketing

2) how to prepare myself for interviews

3) how to prepare my resume

Hope to see this site being revamped and up soon. This line is being place to put pressure on my IT partner so that he will act on it FAST. haha. Hope you read this my fellow partner.