why u should mind your own business

Not sure if you have heard of this phrase. As for me, I first came across this phrase in the book by Robert, called Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The phrase reminds me to not work for others. Not sure if you have had similar experiences when you are working for others?

“I am very disappointed with your performance. YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT I WANT. I expect better from you”

“I need this like YESTERDAY”

You have just submitted your report or PPT to your colleague, as he/she looked at the work you had done, they performed the long dreadful dragon breathe like they are about to explode. They rolled their eyeballs as if 2012 is reaching their door step. They shoved both their hands into their head, grasping a bunch of their hair in frustration. That award winning expressions would have won them the role to play for the Dragon Lady.

Sounds familiar? Make no mistakes about it. The Devil Wears Prada kinda world is happening all around us. Working for others, you open yourself to being criticized, higher chance s of being reprimanded, for nothing. Chasing after reports, paper work, presentations after presentations most of the time over mindless objectives and goals. I’m not saying not all organizations that you end up with will give you such treatments. There are some good ones out there if you are lucky enough to be part of their family.  

But generally speaking,  you will have a high chance of being discriminated, back stabbed, criticized, and laid off when you are working for others. To be under the mercy of those whom you are working for, I would rather choose to not work for others. But to get out, you must learn to mind your own business, which means, START WORKING FOR YOURSELF.

Working for yourself, is not as if you need to open a business, with lots of capital, etc. Start with your mindset. If you think you are working for yourself, it will influence your actions as you alter your belief. If you can start to at least develop the mindset that you do not owe anyone a living. You have control of the outcomes to any tasks at hand. You are responsible for your own actions. With that, you would start to experience a turning point, kicking off your journey of minding your own business, and not work for others.