Why you should PLAN and STOP

It has been a really long time since I last wrote a posting. I bet my excuse is the lack of time. Or should I say it was due to poor time management. There have been a lot of posting topics running in my mind constantly as I encounter new experiences, new queries from friends and students and peers which springboard new insights into career management strategy, I just couldn’t get the time to pen them down properly.

Oh well, it would also mean there’s a lot of catch up to do, and a lot of new postings coming up.

Most of all, a big thank you to all my readers out there. It is you who gave me the motivation and discipline to constantly update my postings.

Just some trivial updates on what has been happening. I must say, a lot have happened. So much so that I was not able to catch my breath properly. Plans to retire soon got obstructed. The lack of knowledge had led me to take wrong course of actions which led to undesirable result.

ie: Not having deep knowledge before putting money into new business ventures. Too much trust been replied upon without black & white. Well, to cut the long stories, in short, poor investment decisions, allowing emotions to be the better of me, and causing some set back.

Right now, a lot of corrective works in the progress to ensure I stay on track to my goals. But hey, life never turns out as plan. That is what makes life interesting. We just have got to embrace uncertainties. And in life, you are respected for NOT how tall you stand, but about how badly you have been hit, and still being able to stand up again on your feet. That is how battles are won and victories taste like. Of course, bear in mind that battles and victories are won only if you are able to fight hard and long enough to witness it. Hang in there folks. We will all have a taste of success in a matter of time.

Enough said, today, my posting is about STOP (Stick To Original Plan). Which means, first you have to have a plan. This plan of yours will be your guide on the type of actions you are going to take to bring your plan to life.

But here is a problem, and as I had described earlier on from my recent experiences, things almost always never goes as planned. So how spend the time and effort to even start with one in the first place? I have heard this a thousand times over from students and friends.

Now here’s my take on it. Even though things do not usually pan out as planned, but it is still important to have a plan BECAUSE it keeps you ON COURSE to your goal/destiny.

Let’s take an analogy to illustrate my point. Pardon my wacky example here though. Have you plan out to go shopping before? You have a list of things you wish to buy say shampoo, shower gel, milk, cereal, and some AAA batteries. You have decided to head to your nearest supermarket ie: Cold storage or NTUC fair price for your groceries shopping. Sometimes, you do not head straight to the supermarket. As you are on your way to the supermarket, you might make some stopovers at other shops, buying some other things beside what you have planned for.

But because you had an original plan, which was to visit your supermarket to get your required groceries, even after you detour to elsewhere, you eventually headed to your supermarket to do your necessary shopping.

However, when you get to the supermarket, did you almost always start picking up only items which you are intending to buy? Most of the time, probably NOT. You might pick up and more often than not, pick up a lot more items than you had intended to buy. Ie: instead of just shampoo, shower gel, milk, cereals, you got Yakult, some fruits, sausages, hams, some canned drinks, beers, snacks and some new flavours instant noodles to try them out.  

Sounds familiar to you? Right?

After all the shopping, you got home with a few more shopping bags than expected. You begin to unload all your shopped items and packed them properly. Then suddenly as you are unpacking, you realized you had forgotten to buy your AAA batteries and you needed it urgently. Thus, you went to the nearest convenient store and got your AAA batteries. And there you are, you have got everything you had planned for.

I hope you got my point from the example. Plan might not always turns out to be exactly the way you wanted it to be. But if you STICK TO ORIGINAL PLAN, hang on to it, it keeps you on course to your goals. And sometimes, you might get even MORE out of it in the process.

So to pen off my posting, have a PLAN and STOP every now and then to ensure you are on course to get to your destination.