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This is my 2nd attempt to not work for money. I want to achieve it at age 35. Which means I have 4 years to go before 2014 ends.

I had always wanted to retire young. I’ve planned to achieve it by 30 yrs old. You can hear echoes of friends and family saying “GET REAL”, be realistic. True enough, I failed my 1st attempt. But no regrets. I’d achieved a lot both intellectually and financially when I hit 30 yrs old. This journey made me realize why I fail to retire by 30. It has also taught me a very valuable philosophy – a StrongerHead mindset.

In the StrongerHead before 30 section, it reveals how StrongerHead mindset has helped me overcome the numerous challenges during my school and career building days.

In the StrongerHead after 30 section, join me in my conquest to restrategize my 2014 retire young plan. Witness my journey and see if I manage to retire by 2014. Of course, you can choose to laugh at my dream like many others. However, it’ll only make me more determined, because I’ve a StrongerHead remember 🙂

Come into my StrongerHead adventures. I hope it can help inspire you just as how it has helped me. Enjoy the ride.


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