Salary increase: My boss is not paying what I am worth. How?

As mention in my earlier posting (Salary increase: Commanding for higher pay raise), your salary is a reflection of the value you create for your employer. Thus, to increase your salary, you have to increase the value you create for your employers / companies.

However, some might say:

“I had created TONS of VALUE for my company. But look at me. How come I am still holding the same pay since the first day I join this company.”

“My company does not appreciate the value that we bring into the business. They are blood suckers”

“No matter what you do, my company will not increase my pay one lor. Our company policies do not reward employee base on the value they bring in.”

Are you facing similar problems too?

If you are, please do not give up. I’d similar encounters myself. Allow me to share my experience on how I had dealt with such situations. Here is an “analysis tree” I used to guide me out of such situations by working on those issues that are creating barrels to my salary increase goal.  I hope it can help you too.

Step 1: Re-assess the VALUE you had brought to your employer’s business. Can you list down these values? If NO:  the values that you have created are just not concrete enough. If YES: proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Can those values be measured in financial terms? If NO: the values you have created might not be of significant importance to your employers. If YES: proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Are these financial values that you are expected to deliver as part of your role? If YES: you need to create additional values that exceed your employers’ expectation. If NO: proceed to step 4.

Step 4: Are these values that you have created substantial enough to garner your employers’ attention, or appreciation? If NO: go and find out what are your employers’ goals or problems. And look to help them achieve their goals faster or solve their problems. If YES: proceed to step 5.

Step 5: if your employers place high importance over the values that you have brought in, and you are still not being appreciated by them, here are some advice: REFER TO 2nd and 3rd last paragraph of my earlier posting (Salary increase: Commanding for higher pay raise). Other related articles that might be of good references to you include “Stop working for others” and “Why you should mind your own business

Some battles are just not worth fighting for. Pick your battles wisely. No point dying for a general who is not going to promote you, reward you or appreciate you at the end of the battle. But of course, you must also know which are the battles that your general has place high regards. Work smart, not just hard. You do not want to be a coolie.