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Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 25 Mar 2013

We have to respect the trend, as it is still going up until prices says otherwise. This week, I would like to update last week’s analysis to have a feel of what the market would do in various time frames. We do not trade using the long term chart. This is just an exercise to […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 18 Mar 2013

This week’s Strongerhead analysis special, I am sharing one of my favourite ‘horizontal line analysis’ using support and resistance. This is not an exercise to doubt the trend. It is merely a study of possibilities for opportunities. Some characteristics to take note on the S&P chart since 1997: 1) Since 1997 on the S&P, rallies […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 11 Mar 2013

Market broke though 1530 level and reached all time high at 1551. On the other hand, VIX’s unable to break through resistance, instead, is on its way down to its support level at $12. Is it a time to buy high sell higher, or buy low sell high? Let’s take a look at the possibilities. […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 4 Mar 2013

Been a really funky week. Despite its wild moves, prices are back to near its last week’s closing price. I was right about the range, but I failed to make money out of it. The accuracy of the analysis does not matter. It is what you do when you are right or wrong that makes […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 25 Feb 2013

VIX broke above $15 (to as high as $16.21) and came back to close below $15 (at $14.17). S&P 500 broke below 1500 and closed at 1515 by Friday. All been moving within the range that I drew (refer to Base on that analysis, you could have shorted on Tue, and long on Thurs […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 18 Feb 2013

1515 on the S&P 500 hold. Do you dare to buy? On the weekly chart, trend is still up. However, since the recovery Bull Run in 2009, price can stay at the top of its channel for a long time. But it is not common for RSI to get above the overbought zone and stay […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 11 Feb 2013

Last week has been volatile, causing a red candle after 5 weeks of continuous rally. What is the market looking in the year of the snake? On the weekly chart, trend is still up. On the daily chart, the pull back from last week have kind of cool of the overbought state. In the last […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 04 Feb 2013

Is Dow at 14000 considered too high? There’s no high price or low price. Only the right price. Because at 14000, prices can still go higher and higher. If so, you would be kicking your own butt for not buying at 14000. On the flip side, if you have bought at 14000 and prices begin […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 28 Jan 2013

5 straight days of bull run. If you can’t beat the bulls, join them. Is that what the bears are doing? On the monthly chart, trend is still up. RSI beginning to reach overbought. I’ve highlighted the price zone that pulls back when RSI hit overbought. Not sure if pull back is going to happen. […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 22 Jan 2013

The first three trading days of last week, market did a slight pull back to 1463 on the S&P. Last week, it was mentioned that any pull back would be considered a dip in an uptrend. Hope you guys profited from this dip as prices broke to a higher high by the end of the […]

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