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Strongerhead Singapore stock market analysis for the week 9 Dec

Since i have shared my homework for Singapore Stock market analysis homework for the last few weeks, i thought i might as well share more as a form of follow up for educational purposes. A couple of weeks back, i share my analysis and how i believed UOB is consolidating for a breakout. Last week, […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 8 Dec 2013

As the daily chart and VIX from last week’s analysis suggested, the dip has crystallized. But the rally last Friday, was it a dead cat bounce or that marks the end of the dip? Let’s take a look at the charts. Long term trend is UP. The monthly candle is red, but still in its […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 2 Dec 2013

This post was supposed to be uploaded last night. But i was out for one of my student’s (Michelle Tay) wedding dinner and caused a delay in uploading the post. I truly enjoyed myself at the wedding dinner. Great reunion with my ex-students from Curtin Advertising classes. And glad to know many had been able […]

How i do my Singapore trading homework 2

Just a follow up from my Singapore homework post on 11 Nov. After the initial short term squeeze play, prices went up but backed down into the squeeze zone again. This might indicate the squeeze play is still in continuation, with a life span of a few more weeks. Right now, UOB is in no […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 25 Nov 2013

I failed to complete my trading homework last week due to mini home renovation work and deadline pressure from my other workload. As such, I shouldn’t be trading last week. But I violated my own rules and resulted in putting in a shabby trade. As a result, there’s no way I am missing out on […]

How i do my S’pore market trading homework

Trading homework before taking trading action for Singapore market. Weekly outlook: eg UOB Ranging, but currently sitting in the middle of range (no man’s land). Daily outlook: eg UOB Pattern to note: – Previously, UOB rallied from its dip, but prices stalled for a while and dipped again. (Referred to red squared zone) – Presently, […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 11 Nov 2013

Hope you had benefited from 4 Nov trading homework. Many warning signs that i’ve noted from 4 Nov trading homework are slowly crystallising in the last trading week. Let’s take a look at which are those. On the monthly, note/sign 1 says Dow is moving in tandem as S&P, but it is moving slower than […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 4 Nov 2013

We saw a dip and the dip came. Overbought condition cooled off slightly after the dip. So what’s next? Here’s the trading homework to study next week’s possible outlook. November was greeted by the bulls. On the monthly chart, Nov price bar is positive. But bear in mind, this is only the very beginning of […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 28 Oct 2013

Market ran up on the first trading day, VIX dip lower, and on the next day, bang, the market met with some turbulences but only lasted for a day. And the rest of the trading days was rewarding for the bulls. So the question is, will the rocket be landing soon? I wish I have […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 21 Oct 2013

I’m pretty late with this week’s update. I have only myself to be blamed, as I was down with a really high fever. 3rd time within a quarter. Health is really an important aspect of wealth. Without it, I can’t focus on work, can’t work at all to begin with, can’t analyse the financial market […]

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