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Jason Tan Strongerhead Career outfield trip to Y&R with Curtin Ad391 Students

Yesterday, the students of Curtin from Ad391 had the privileged to visit Young & Rubicam (Also known as Y&R, one of the world’s largest advertising agencies) hosted by Soohan, the Regional Associate Account Director of Y&R for one of the blue chips account, Caltex. Soohan has been around in the advertising industry for the last […]

Career Development Trip to Standard Charter Bank with Jason Tan Strongerhead

It’s been with great pleasure to meet one of my ex-student, Anna Lim, from Curtin yesterday. I’m really proud to learn that she has been progressing really well in her career path. We had the privilege to get Anna Lim to share with some career tips with Curtin Ad391 students who will be graduating in […]

Career dilemma: get started or wait

It’s been some time since i last posted anything here. My website has finally been revamped. But still there’s a couple of stuffs to be included which is why i have not officially announced the “launch” of my newly revamped site. I actually have alot of postings and updates for you guys. watch out for […]

Career Development trip to CIMB with Jason Tan Strongerhead

This is one of the best outfield trips we have had. I’m really proud to have this ‘reunion’ session with two of my ex-students from Curtin Advertising, Estar Rino D’Hasyah (currently marketing and corporate communications champion for CIMB bank), and Deanson Lee (our fresh Curtin graduate who has just join Mindshare’s digital team). I’m elated […]

Fresh grad career advice with Y&R

Our students of Ad391 (Advertising Campaign development) from Curtin University were brought for an outfield trip to Y&R, one of the world’s leading full service advertising agencies. Established in 1923, Y&R is also the first agency to be founded by a suit and a creative (John Orr Young and Raymond Rubicam). On 10 Jan 2012 […]

Students’ visit to GroupM for career opportunities

It’s been a while since my last posting. Some technical glitch that is stopping me from updating my site. Some quick updates for you. We had just conducted an outfield trip to one of the biggest Media agency for Curtin Students. Thanks to an old friend, Jimmy, the Executive Director of Mindshare, Curtin students been given the […]

Positioning your career

Some of you might have been exposed to the term POSITIONING. You might have heard of it on some marketing textbook or books, or during a marketing class back in school. It is a concept used for promoting a product, or building a brand. I would like to apply this concept to your own personal […]

Students Meet and Greet session at BBDO on career development

Last night, we went to BBDO for a meet and greet session with one of the Account Manager. I had experienced “coming back home” feeling when I got to the office. Especially when I met some of my ex-colleagues, a lot of flash backs about the good old days at BBDO. I even got a […]

Finding your career edge

The value you have to offer to your employer defines your edge. However, your edge would not be as sharp and effective if many others out there could also provide that same edge as yours. When that happens, you have an oversupply of value which you are offering. And your value goes down. It is […]

What does your career goal mean to you?

Most people do not even have a goal. But for those who have a goal, you should at least have a general idea what the goal means to you. If not, it is quite as good as being without one. Whichever path you are going to take, the journey to success is not going to […]

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