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Dispute when doing school projects

i believe this is something many people have been facing from time to time. having group dispute is really common. And some times, a real pain in the neck. Here’s my advice to those who are facing this issue. 1) Only group with those whom you like. not those whom you dislike. 2) Once you […]

MIS DSM 70th class lesson with Strongerhead

Quite uncanny way to end the class. Had always ended class lesson in ‘style’, with lots of photo taking, a lot of sharing about students’ career developments and insights into career progression and planning. As such, for the first time, i managed to end the class really early. I must say, majority of the students […]

Average Graduate Salary

I came across an article on graduates’ expected salary range,  from 2011 Graduate Employment Survey (GES), an annual survey that crunches the salary data of fresh graduates who have just entered the workforce. It looks pretty good. But one have to take note that the amount includes CPF from your employers as well as your own contributions, and all other […]

Strongerhead Social Media lesson at MIS

It’s been with great pleasure to have students from India and Vietnam for a social media session at Marketing Institute Singapore. The vibes and energy level are infectious. It feels like X’mas with these folks around throughout the 5 intensive sessions. To sum it up, these students would be rated 5 out of 5 for […]

Curtin Advertising Students & Strongerhead (Jason Tan) reunion for Meet & Greet Session with top creative director

It has been a wonderful reunion session with some of my ex-advertising students from Curtin last Tue, 7 Feb 2012. I am glad to see many students turned up for this event to attend the meet & greet session with Calvin Soh, one of our Singapore’s top Creative Director. Calvin and I have worked together […]

Ad211 Nov 2011 – Jan 2012

We have come to the end of our Ad211 Class in Jan 2012. Quite a big group for an Advertising class. I certainly hope to see most of you again for other advertising lessons or for the enrichment sessions. Something to remember about Ad211 Nov 2011 – Jan 2012 Students. – Not one but two […]

Why did you go to school?

What are the benefits of receiving higher education? Well it is still about the benefits you will reap from the education. But, for most students, the perspectives of what benefits means to students have evolved with time. Students are becoming smarter nowadays. They understand the need to get themselves the required certifications to help prepare them […]

can i quit?

Winners do not quit. Quitters do not win. Now, don’t take this too literally. You need to quit to win. Just need to know what to quit and when to quit. I have students who once told me that they on a cross roads situation. They hated their job, and wish to quit. However, their […]

i can because i can

Just last Fri, 1 Dec, i had another enrichment session at Curtin University. There’s quite a number of students turning up for the session. Large majority of them were foreign students. I am very impressed with Curtin for organizing such sessions to help their students prepare themselves for their studies, and more importantly, for their […]

DSM69th finale

It has been with great pleasure having this batch of students for DSM 69th Marketing Communications class. Most of them turn up earlier than expected, and i have been experiencing good attendance from this batch of students. I have had great fun throughout all the Monday classes, driving all my Mon blues away with this batch. […]

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