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How Strongerhead Spent his time at Kaplan in Sept – Oct 2015

For the month of Sept and Oct, i had found my calling once AGAIN. The experience i have gotten from the students at Kaplan got me to realise and actualise my true passion, which is TEACHING. I absolutely love teaching. It is an enriching career where i get to open minds, touch hearts and inspire […]

Back at Curtin University Singapore July 2015

I am glad to be back at Curtin University Singapore as lecturer for ADVT3000 (Advertising Campaign Development) and MKTG3005 (Account Planning). I’ve to thank my former boss Mads Holm (from Dan Bunkering) for allowing me to take up the teaching assignment in the mist of my working hour. Or else, these arrangements won’t be made […]

Kaplan FTDipEM3 class photo with Jason Tan Strongerhead

Big thank you to all students of FTDipEM3 (Kaplan Diploma Event Management class). You guys brought back the much needed reminiscences of my teaching days. Honestly, I felt a bit rusty when I first started the class. But your participation and encouragement gave me the much needed booster to keep me going. I feel so […]

Sharpening your marketing knife with Jason Strongerhead at Kaplan

Thank you Kaplan for offering me a chance to share my 2 cents on how marketing works with the Murdoch University bridging class batch FT MUR BCOM BRG-26 MP (G) over two weekends in April. In this class, I chance upon several keen and serious learners, and a few bright and promising leaders of tomorrow […]

Jason Strongerhead taking a break from lecturing

As of 2 March 2015, i am officially the Project Manager for one of the top two bunker oil trading companies in the world, Dan Bunkering. Some of you might have already read the news on my Facebook. Time flies often too fast too furious. While i was working to start on my new […]

Strongerhead classes in the last six months

This is the first post in six month, and the last post in 2014. I am really sorry for the long wait for numerous students who have been waiting for their photos to be uploaded. It is definitely my bad. Poor time management. But honestly, I have been swamped with classes and work and more […]

Marketing Communications with PTDipMComm20 class photo with Strongerhead 11 jun 2014

Here’s the class photo taken with PTDipMComm20 (Part time Diploma of MComm Batch 20) for Marketing Communications Module at Kaplan Singapore on 11 June 2014.

Intro to Mass Comm Class photo with Strongerhead 3 June 2014

Here’s the class photo taken at Kaplan Singapore with my Diploma students for Introduction to Mass Communications module on 3 June 2014.

Advertising Campaign Development class photo with Strongerhead 6 June 2014

Here’s the class photo taken with my last semester graduating students of Curtin Singapore for Campaign Development (Ad391) module on 6 June 2014.

Advertising Principles Class Photos with Strongerhead Jun 2014

Here’s the Ad211 Advertising Principles FULL TIME class photos with Strongerhead taken on 5 June 2014 at Curtin Singapore. Here’s the Ad211 Advertising Principles PART TIME class photos taken on 7 June 2014 with my students at Curtin Singapore.

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Lessons were very fun and easy to absorb and he doesn't teach from the book which is a plus point for me and that makes me look forward to attend his ...
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