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Advertising Strategy class photo with Strongerhead 5 Jun 2014

Here’s the class photos taken on 5 Jun 2014 with my Advertising Strategy (Ad310) class at Curtin Singapore.

Curtin Media Planning class photo with Strongerhead Jun 2014

Here’s the class photo taken with my FUll TIME Media Planning 250 module at Curtin on 2 Jun 2014. Here’s the class photo taken with my PART TIME Media Planning 250 module at Curtin on 6 Jun 2014.

Northumbria University Marcom degree class with Strongerhead 12 May 2014

19 students but many failed to turn up on the last 2 lessons šŸ™ In any case, i still love them as much as i love all other students. And here are the names of students who had attended the lesson: lek yuzuo Fiona Cheng Brian Lian Mun Lai Clara Ng Ming Li Lum Yinleng […]

DSMM FT 11 & 12 Marketing Communications class with Strongerhead

Class filled with SLEEPERS. They sure Zzzz alot. Before class. During Breaks. Not sure if they do it too after the class as i am off to my next lesson after that. However, that doesn’t mean they are not paying attention in class as most of them are wide awake and attentive during the class […]

Direct and Digital Marketing Degree class with Strongerhead 23 Apr 2014

Direct and Digital Marketing is a module that i would recommend highly with no reservation for those who wish to excel in the field of marketing. Google adwords search marketing, site targeting, key word targeting, web analytic and other marketing success metrics essentials on how to make marketing works harder is what you will gain […]

Northumbria University Market and Customers Degree class with Strongerhead 7 Apr 2014

Extremely big class of full time degree students where we had fun playing SIMbrand marketing game together. Expected more from this class in terms of fun living happy memories as this is actually a gang of fun loving youngsters. Not all names are here: Sandar Aye Le Dieu Huong kenny halim Alvin johan Lukas handsome […]

Northumbria University Master Class Relationship Marketing class with Strongerhead 30 Mar 2014

Another long overdue photo to be posted since 30 Mar 2014. Small but made up of good quality lobang kings and queens from Apple products to travelling to spa and resorts. They are: Tan Swee Lin Edna Lim Chip Kiang Atiqah Binte Abdul Rahman Chan Mei Lee Carolyn Su Kangkai Timothy

MIS DSMM PT 7th class photo with Strongerhead 24 March 2014

Long overdue again. But i have not forgotten this batch of students where we have models, jokers, smokers, good ang mo, mcdonald’s expert, detox specialist, supplement advisers, and many others. Check them out: DSMM 7th intake Part time Diploma at Marketing Institute Singapore Rebecca Chew Lai Jan Net Patricia Lee Mohamad Isyak Bin Hazman Ng […]

Over 60 students celebrated the final marketing communications lesson at Kaplan with Jason tan Strongerhead

This is by far the biggest class I had at Kaplan since 2013. Can be challenging especially when the mic is not working properly. I lost my voice a couple of times for this class. Nevertheless, if everyone had appreciated the concepts and how marketing communications works like magic in marketing, it is worth it. […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead Valentineā€™s date with FTDipMComm16 class 14 Feb 2014 (Fri)

Why am I not surprise to see only 4 students out of 20 students at 12pm for class. I can obviously sense the love they have for school. Well, for me too but I shall not take it too personal thus letā€™s just say their love for school. However, by 1pm, I have a better […]

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