Jason Tan Strongerhead Post Graduate Diploma (GDM) class photo with MIS

Relatively small class but I smell talents even with such a small pool of students (Alice Lee, Viet Anh). I saw great improvement in JunHao. He managed to proof to others that the harder you work, the luckier you can get.

DSMM 5&6 gave Jason Tan Strongerhead a class testimonial

I always enjoy teaching part time class with MIS for Marketing Communications. And this particular class (DSMM 5 & 6 intake) was no exception too. Good fun. Great students. Wonderful time together. They even cheer me up with a class testimonial šŸ™‚

My first PSB experience in Jul 2013

I stated my first lecturing experience at PSB for Foundation of Marketing in Jul 2013. Honestly, i had great fun conducting every single classes. In fact, I was actually considering making it a regular session since I enjoy doing it so much. These students are being exposed to the concept of Marketing for the first […]

Master Program Dissertation for University Western England at MIS with Jason Tan Strongerhead

I had the privilege of supervising two lady students from Shanghai at Marketing Institute Singapore for their Master Degree program with University of Western England (UWE) in Jul 2013. One of them had flew back to China to expand her career. The other had decided to get a job in Singapore. Not sure how she […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead Relationship Marketing Master Degree Class at Kaplan

In Aug 2013, I taught a group of 4 students at their Master degree level on Relationship Marketing. But only 3 turn up for lessons most of the time. As soon as I got hold of 3 out of the 4 (90% attendance), I took the opportunity to capture the class photo. Head James Lyon […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Communications Degree class at Kaplan

In June 2013, I was also given a chance to teach at Kaplan for their Northumbria University Honours Degree program on Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Communications. Some of the students were previously from Marketing Institute Singapore. Felt great seeing familiar faces in my class. This reinforce why people prefer to buy brands they are familiar […]

Jason Tan Strongerhead Advance Diploma Marketing Management class at Kaplan Aug 2013

I was suffering from Dengue fever on the first day of our class. But the students’ infectious energy inspired me dearly. In a month, students’ knowledge of the marketing essentials were being put to test as they are required to design a marketing proposal for a new product launch. Tough but it was not impossible. […]

My first Kaplan experience Dipmarcomm17 Jun 2013

This was my very first Diploma Class at Kaplan for one of my most loved subject, Marketing Communications. It was a huge class (more than 40 students) and I love it. Especially when the energy level is at super charged type. Made quite a lot of friends here. Thanks Dipmarcomm batch 17. I’ll remember you […]

Advertising Campaign Development Class at Curtin with Jason Tan Strongerhead Jun 2013

Another long overdue post. But I forgotten to bring my camera on the last day of this class. Thankfully, I took several other photos of them during the course of this module. The good thing about having to see my students from first year to their final year modules is witnessing how they have grown, […]

Account Planning Class at Curtin with Jason Tan Strongerhead Jun 2013

One of my favourite modules, Account Planning (Ad340) at Curtin. This is one of the core advertising subjects at Curtin. I would also consider this as one of the core concept to master if you wish to be in Advertising and Marketing. Many had asked what is this module about. I would say, this is […]

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Lessons were very fun and easy to absorb and he doesn't teach from the book which is a plus point for me and that makes me look forward to attend his marketing lessons...
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