The longest and most touching students’ testimonial for Strongerhead

This is the longest testimonial i have ever received. And also a very touching one. I could only post it here due to the word limit on my testimonial page. Thanks Govarthan (the big guy) for this very humbling compliment, and your generosity for sharing it with everyone here. Name: Govarthan “Big Guy” Gunasegaran (from […]

Importance of the Degree Certificate

This is an important piece of sharing by one of my ex-student (from Marketing Institute Singapore Diploma of Sales 3rd intake). I’ve always preached the importance of having at least a degree certificate to anyone who wish to climb the corporate ladder. Any degree is fine, so long it is from a proper institution. having […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 24 June 2013

Market rallied the first two opening days of the trading week into the resistance zone, and prices pulled back lower than its previous low, currently sitting slightly below its support zone. The June monthly candle is the first red candle in the last 6 months. RSI still sitting within the green zone – the market […]

Strongerhead Financial Outlook on Crude Oil 17 June 2013

Another quick ‘case study’ on how Strongerhead set up can be used to perform financial homework on commodity like Crude Oil. Crude Oil & USO weekly MACDH is showing sign of divergence. RSI is moving within a range signaling Crude Oil is trading side ways. Crude Oil & USO daily has reached the top of […]

Strongerhead Financial Outlook on Singapore Market 17 June 2013

I seldom share my analysis on Singapore market. Just wanted to demonstrate how Strongerhead set up can be used for trading homework to plan your course of actions. STI weekly (as below) and daily chart (not shown here) are currently down. Prices broke out of its price envelop, which means prices are undervalue at the […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 17 June 2013

A second buying opportunity came when prices broke down last week. This time around, I quickly got out the next day to capitalise on the gains. As the market gets funkier, trading time frame gets shorter to reduce a trader’s risk. Let’s see if the market is still funky next week. It’s been some time […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 10 June 2013

Nice rally on the first trading day last week, which offered good shorting opportunity as discussed last week ( The nasty two days of bearish move on Tue and Wed presented nice profit for the shorties before it vanishes by Fri. I took mine only on Friday as I got stopped out by the price […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 3 June 2013

The bulls did fight back, but in an ugly fashion on the first trading day of the week. When that happens, you must run to be safe than sorry. Bears firmly in control by Friday’s closing bell. May monthly candle closed UP (Chart not shown). Long term view is still in bullish territory. On the […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 28 May 2013

The pull back did happened last week as anticipated. Is this the start of a reversal? Let’s see what the chart has to say. We are a few days away from month end, and looks like May is going to close on a positive note on the monthly chart (not shown here). RSI is still […]

Strongerhead Weekly Financial Market Analysis 20 May 2013

Market inching higher again. Gotta respect the trend because it is your friend. Pull backs should have profited for those who made fried with the trend. It’s always good to look at things at a different perspective. Thus, I’ve shortened the monthly chart period and simplify the analysis to see it tells a different story. […]

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