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First Ad310 class photo

Very really memorable class i had at Curtin. Got to meet most of you guys at Ad211, Ad340, Ad 310 and Ad391. It had been a great experience taking on Ad310 for the first time with u guys. And u guys made it a breeze for me through out the 12 sessions. I had learned a […]

Ad211 Mar 2011 batch from Curtin Singapore

A tribute to my very hot, beautiful, handsome and creative Ad211 March 2011 batch. You guys provided me with a good start to my 2011 classes with Curtin Singapore. I had a lot of fun and often looked forward to attending classes with u all. Hope to see everyone of you again for other classes. […]

Thanks Cheryl for your nice testimonial

Here’s a really nice testimonial. It’s one thing to get such nice words from students but it means even more when lessons in life are appreciated above the lessons on advertising. This is what motivated me to share and teach and go the extra mile to help the keen and hungry career seekers to build […]

Thank you for your humbling testimonial

I would like to extend a BIG & Sincere Thank You to one of my graduates, Ms Eunice Nicole, for recently posting an unsolicited Testimonial regarding her career advice session with Strongerhead. Ms Eunice, your thoughtful comments are truely appreciated. Thank you again. I would like to share her job seeking experience as a living example of how […]

DSM 67 ended with a beautiful finale

It has been a wonderful experience having DSM 67th intake. Made some new friends and we had some good fun during the course of the entire 12 sessions together. I very much wanted to take a lot more photos with every one of you guys. But the timing was just too tight. And I didn’t […]

Birthday Thank You Note: Thanks for being my inspiration

Thank you so much Ad310 March 2011 batch. I felt really really touched that Monday night having received your lovely birthday card and wishes. This little thought means alot to me. I’m truely appreciative and thankful for this gesture. I must put this down in writing to commemorate this moment. A big Thank You to Ad […]

Ad 211 Mid Term test Mar 2011

Very well done Ad 211 Mar 2011 batch with an average score at 38.27 out of 50. Some of you scored as high as 47, and a few of you got 31 – 32 range. Most of you score between 35 – 38. I think you guys should give yourself a pat on your back. […]

Heineken Italy Activation

As a brand, Heineken is definitely one of those brands with a reputation of producing great brand equity building campaigns / marketing efforts. In terms of its brand equity, some claims that it is all about being an international imported premium beer, with a modern and fun persona. These brand properties have been a catalyst […]

More DSM67 project infor

Hey folks, here are some more links that might give u insights to your projects on Heineken. (You should be able to arrive that Heineken is an International Premium Beer) (you might need to translate the text on this link) Here are some results that might be using: just another link […]

67th season looking good

it’s the start of a new season. first game had started, with 11 more matches to go. And I go play for a win-win game. Hope we are all on the same page. Today’s experience was a pleasant one. students seem more mature. Try to be back on time during break. Didn’t talk during lecture. Seem […]

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Lessons were very fun and easy to absorb and he doesn't teach from the book which is a plus point for me and that makes me look forward to attend his ...
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