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why more and more people dislike hiring fresh grads and young lads

Earlier this afternoon was the last enrichment session for me in Sept 2012. I must say, it has been quite a disappointment from the audience responses. Except for the 2nd session (where more than 50% of the audience were volunteered to attend the session), the rest of the 3 sessions were rather disappointing base on […]

Dispute when doing school projects

i believe this is something many people have been facing from time to time. having group dispute is really common. And some times, a real pain in the neck. Here’s my advice to those who are facing this issue. 1) Only group with those whom you like. not those whom you dislike. 2) Once you […]

Career Development trip to CIMB with Jason Tan Strongerhead

This is one of the best outfield trips we have had. I’m really proud to have this ‘reunion’ session with two of my ex-students from Curtin Advertising, Estar Rino D’Hasyah (currently marketing and corporate communications champion for CIMB bank), and Deanson Lee (our fresh Curtin graduate who has just join Mindshare’s digital team). I’m elated […]

MIS DSMM 1st intake (part time) class photo with Jason Tan Strongerhead

Just completed another Integrated Marketing Commiunications module with MIS DSMM 1st intake part time students. They are a fun batch to have, and i will definitely missed them all. i still remember we had our very first session on Valentine’s Day. The ‘LOVE’ they demonstrated during class was excellent. And they refused to allow me […]

MIS DSM 70th class lesson with Strongerhead

Quite uncanny way to end the class. Had always ended class lesson in ‘style’, with lots of photo taking, a lot of sharing about students’ career developments and insights into career progression and planning. As such, for the first time, i managed to end the class really early. I must say, majority of the students […]

33/34th GDM last lesson with Strongerhead

My first full time GDM class with these batch graduate diploma students all the way from China, Vietnam and Indonesia. We had spend our time at MIS together since end Nov 2011 till beginning Mar 2012. Glad to have such down to earth students from around the APAC region. Polite, friendly, hardworking, and fun bunch to have. […]

Strongerhead classes at the roof-top with Curtin advertising students

We are fortunate and honoured to have Calvin Soh, one of S’pore’s top Creative Director to share best practices and case studies of effective advertising campaigns around the world. It was a three hours session showcasing the differences between the old school version of advertising campaigns and the new school version of the advertising campaigns. […]

Strongerhead’s first lecturing award

It’s been a week into March 2012, and alot have happened. One of the biggest surprise was winning my first lecturer’s award, “Teaching Excellence award” with Marketing Institute Singapore (MIS). I have to thank everyone who has voted for me. All the students who have went through 12 sessions of marketing communications classes. To all the staffs at […]

Resume writing and Interview workshop with Strongerhead

Conducted one of my favourite topics with my favourite students of MIS on 23 February 2012 (Thurs). It was an intensive full day workshop about the resume writing and preparing for your job interview. Without these students from India and MIS (particularly Lela), I wouldn’t have had the chance to conduct this workshop. The workshop […]

Strongerhead Social Media lesson at MIS

It’s been with great pleasure to have students from India and Vietnam for a social media session at Marketing Institute Singapore. The vibes and energy level are infectious. It feels like X’mas with these folks around throughout the 5 intensive sessions. To sum it up, these students would be rated 5 out of 5 for […]

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