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psychology to avoid in career

Hey folks, I’ve listed down some quotes which might suggest some possible psychology while working. Not sure if it sounds familiar to you. But if you are experiencing this yourself, I hope you will do something to avoid such mindset. It can be a disaster for your career development. “I dun like what I am […]

promise more active postings after Jan 2011

Strongerhead (SH) has alot of experiences to share from before 30 to after 30. And how SH intend to retire by age 35 🙂 – getting very near already. it has been a hectic and busy 2010 for me. the 1st quarter of 2011, i expect a similar hectic and busy schedule. However, i’ve scheduled […]

what to do during job interview

Happy 1st weekend of 2011 to YOU. I hope many of you are ready to rock 2011 in style. In 2011, i am sure after bonuses been release, some of you out there will be looking to get a new job. This morning, i came across a link about tips to prepare yourself for a […]

Good Morning 2011

A very good morning to 2011. i bet most of you guys did witness the transition from 2010 to 2011. This year, i survived the entire night doing a few fruitful things, like typing my dissertation (progressing slowly but surely), watching romance of 3 kingdom DVD epi 1 & 2 (with Eng sub title of […]

Happy Holidays to everyone

In the spirit of the Yuletide season, Strongerhead wishes everybody the Merriest of Chirstmas in the tongues of the world 🙂 Fun facts: Do you know in Mexico, wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve is said to bring new love in the upcoming year. So don’t forget your red underwear this holiday season and […]

useless job seek efforts

this article talks about the 8 kinds of useless job search efforts that you should avoid. i thought it was very relevant and true. if you are not finding a job yet and happens to fall under one of the 8 ‘categories’, time to re-strategise. The 8 categories are about too much efforts spend on: […]

Don’ts when picking your career

i came across a short article this morning on the worst way to choose your career. I heard many are thinking of leaving your current role some where end of this year, or beginning next year. Many are looking for better and greener pasture elsewhere. I’ve been through that stage several times in my career […]

Words to avoid when writing resume

Hello all, i came across an interesting article today on words to avoid for resume writing. I thought it is useful. And it is indeep very true that the words the article has highlighted could be ‘sensitive’, and might be your potential ‘downfall’ as they are not specific, generic, sounds good but could mean nothing. […]

how to have a head start in your job search

what can i do to get a head start in my job search? I read an interesting article today which might provide some insights for your job search. what i like about the article is how they have drawn the similarity between characteristics of good commedian and successful job search. At the end of the […]

Qualities job interviewer look for

Hello guys, it has been awhile since i last posted anything. Been really busy with my work and class and my other 101 stuffs to get myself to retire soonest. Hopefully, sooner 🙂 i believe many believe the economy is picking itself up again. Job opportunities are opening up slowly. Which means, by year end, […]

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